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2005 Antiquity

2005 Antiquity

Dessert Style Zinfandel aged in the barrel for 10 years.

The vast cathedral sits empty this morning, as the light from the ruby stained-glass windows warms the woman through her thick wool coat.She looks for some solace from the bitter, unsympathetic fall breeze. The organ is a thing of pure beauty with its tall, intricately carved pipes reaching almost to the curved, tiled ceiling above. Its antiquity and its strength booming from within, the musical sounds transcending the silence and solitude of one’s own thoughts. The woman reaches into hercoat pocket, encircling the chocolate treat she protects for her dearest, whom she has not seen in thirteen long years. DESSERT STYLE ZINFANDEL BARREL AGED FOR 13 YEARS.

2005 Antiquity
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